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Top 10 Learning and Development Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Learning and development professionals bear the responsibility to make sure organizations operate effectively and efficiently. For their part, learning and development pros need to be adept at understanding their company's vision and tap technology to help them achieve it. The pace of disruption required innovation, and changing technology plays a crucial role in knowing how and when, and why to use emerging tools. As continuing professional training goes digital, L&D teams have to build on their fundamental skills. Also, they need to develop a digital reflex to serve modern learners best and boost previously sidelined skills. In the end, digital technology will become part of their work culture.

Despite reassuring progress, the learning and development solution providers should focus on gathering and analyzing needs, designing blended-learning architecture, leading online classroom sessions or moderating learners' online communities, assessing the impact of training on business and talent retention.

To continue to be relevant to the needs of adult learners in the business world, the modern L&D expert should stay ahead of the curve on resources, platforms, tools, and methods to satisfy those needs. Due to the transformation in learning technologies, the systemic and individual role of L&D will function differently, too. Simultaneously, executives are increasingly looking to talent developers to support the business in strategic workforce planning, including attracting and retaining talent and ensuring their people have the right skills for today and tomorrow. In order to help enterprises to select the best-in-class learning and development solution that fits their requirements, Manage HR has compiled a list of top Learning and Development Solution Providers.

We present to you Manage HR's "Top 10 Learning and Development Consulting/Service Companies - 2020."

    Top Learning and Development Consulting/Service Companies

  • BlueLion, an HR and operations consulting company, successfully provides clients with an all-inclusive DOL HR risk analysis audit outlining vital areas of compliance, regulation, and best practices. With over 19 years in the HR and operations field, the company brings its experience and knowledge to support a growing business. BlueLion focuses on strategic growth and compliance with all DOL, federal, and state guidelines, which dictate employee and employer rights


  • The Holloway Group offers professional development and training to leaders and the workforce to realize their full potential and produce unprecedented results for the organizations


  • One Touch Tech Solutions Is a leader in technology solutions and services, the company currently has partnered with 100+ global corporations. The company's Business IT solution helps clients to run their businesses more efficiently and smartly


  • Advanced Management Services

    Advanced Management Services

    AMS is a premier Business Skills, Leadership Training, and Organizational Development Consulting firm. Partnering with enterprise clients since 1994 to develop the Core Skills, Projects, and Organizational Capabilities required in a digitally transformed and agile workplace

  • Alliancesphere


    Alliancesphere’s complementary Consulting, Training, and Technology services employ a holistic approach to help you collaborate with customers, partners and internal stakeholders to predictably turn shared visions into transformative innovation, measurable mutual value, and sustained growt

  • CRR Global

    CRR Global

    CRR Global is an ICF-certified coach training organization and consultancy firm. We are home to the world-renowned Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching methodology (ORSC™)

  • Improving Communications

    Improving Communications

    Improving Communications empowers people to be more efficient and successful by helping them to be clear, brief, and effective

  • Machado Training

    Machado Training

    Machado Professional Development & Training Group is a leading professional development organization that provides expert insight and legal guidance to school organizations and their staff

  • Quest Consulting & Training

    Quest Consulting & Training

    Quest helps to strengthen leadership pipeline and mobilize workforce in ways that improve performance and propels business forward

  • TRACOM Group

    TRACOM Group

    TRACOM Group’s corporate soft skills training helps people in the workplace in countless ways. With TRACOM, employees discover and break through barriers to improve their performance on the job, reach their maximum potential, and experience success

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