Sarah Glova, Founder and CEO, Reify MediaSarah Glova, Founder and CEO
Digitization of learning and development (L&D) has gained renewed momentum over the past year, and corporate L&D has been catapulted to the top of the business agenda. It has become clear that thoughtfully implemented employee training and development programs are pivotal to an organization’s success. While building a training program is no cakewalk, high-quality, value-based content organized and delivered through diverse media goes a long way in engaging and educating employees and customers alike. Besides, clear, consistent, and up-to-date marketing content is the perfect way to effectively deliver a brand message and connect with the audience.

Founded by Dr. Sarah Glova, Reify Media, an award-winning digital media firm, is elevating training programs to a new level by creating content that delivers value. Embarking on her entrepreneurial journey back in 2009, Sarah officially launched Reify Media in 2012. Under her leadership, Reify Media has grown rapidly over the years, supporting major university, corporate, and nonprofit clients across the country by creating eLearning, compliance training, video, and more cutting-edge digital resources.

In an interview with Manage HR, Sarah, CEO, Reify Media, discusses at length how her company is helping clients with its proven process of creating meaningful content by applying instructional design principles to digital media design.

Can you shed light on the inception of Reify Media? What are the factors that spurred the conception of your company?

When Reify Media was founded, we knew that companies, universities, and organizations were trying to figure out how to create new training programs for their employees, customers, and students. There are scores of eLearning and online training programs and platforms, and we found organizations to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Our clients knew that they needed to create new training programs, but they didn’t know the best way to go about it. So we embraced a consultative approach from day one. We know our clients, their audience and learners, and we understand both their learning goals and their business goals.

What are the different categories of clients that Reify Media caters to, and what are the major pain points the company is solving for these clients?

Three main categories of clients: research-focused institutions, corporations, and associations.

Our research-focused clients are trying to provide their faculties or medical practitioners with the latest research. For them, the pain point is that most often, this information is really heavy, and they are scrambling to deliver the content to their target audience in a way that is easily digestible. For instance, if you have a new training program for oncologists, you have to deliver it in a format that will allow them to receive this training amidst their busy schedules. For these clients, we might focus on just-in-time training programs or video-based learning that’s delivered in snippets.

We truly look at our client engagement process as an investigation and build that research into our project proposals

The second category we focus on is the corporate audience that is looking for training their employees. Often, their pain point is making the information directly relevant to their employees’ jobs. What we try to do is truly understand who those employees are, what their specific job requirements are, and how the training is going to impact them. In such scenarios, we might use branched training scenarios that change to suit each learner’s responsibilities. It’s important to know that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work in corporate training.

Our last client category is associations that are responsible for offering continuing education (CE) in different industries. Now that online training has really exploded, industry practitioners are befuddled by the umpteen options that want to offer them CE credit. We address this by equipping our association clients with advice about how they can make their CE programs really cutting-edge: how they can leverage technology to make the training easier to access, or how they can leverage new interactions to make their virtual training more engaging for participants. As a result, their clients - the industry practitioners they are creating this CE for - find their training more valuable.

Is there any specific approach that you follow while engaging clients?

We truly look at our client engagement process as an investigation and build that research into our project proposals. It’s usually the first phase of our project. Metaphorically, just like a doctor analyzes the symptoms of a patient before prescribing medicines, we learn the symptoms, concerns, goals, and environment of our clients before we propose a solution. We view this approach as an absolutely vital aspect of the project. We create partners and dedicate ourselves to that research. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know our clients, their learners, and how the project can accelerate their goals.

Could you share a customer success story that demonstrates the efficacy of your solutions?

One of our clients, a major world-class academic and healthcare system, had an in-person program in place focused on dieting and weight loss. The client approached us to completely rebrand themselves as an organization focused on nutrition and holistic wellness. They wanted to move their in-person program online and deliver the content in an inclusive, engaging way.

We have worked with this client to create a truly cuttingedge program that’s designed to help patients access top-notch medical advice through a virtual classroom. We are reframing the old content so that it’s more inclusive, up-to-date, and based on current research about health, nutrition, and holistic wellness. Reify Media’s subject matter experts work closely with the clients’ team to take a deep dive into those topics. We’re using the latest technology to make these modules more engaging and relevant to our clients’ patients. It is the perfect intersection of addressing the learners, providing them with medical information, and doing it in a really inclusive and easily accessible way that made all the difference.

What does the future hold for Reify Media?

Our focus is on ensuring that we are up-to-date with the latest technology. We feel eLearning is one of those industries that is deeply impacted by the speed of technological change. It was just ten years ago that we were introduced to Siri, and since then, we’ve seen industries adapt to voice assistants in their training programs, especially in industries like heavy equipment technology and medical and surgical training.

In the immediate future, we will dedicate ourselves to learning about cutting-edge technology, forming partnerships with organizations that can help us understand how these tech trends can be applied in the eLearning space. This, in turn, will allow us to help our clients to understand how the learners might benefit from the use of the latest and greatest technology.