The Holloway Group, LLC is a premier independent Learning & Development Consultancy specializing in truly unique and proven professional development tactics. The secret to their success is nothing more than genuine authenticity. That is why everything is personalized. As SVP of Professional Development at HG, LLC, Iurge clients and even our competitors to share my attention to detail and my dedication to excellence. I say to them, “It’s what people deserve!” I try to impress every client, every time… whether it’s a first meeting or my hundredth time serving them.

When you talk to executives that receive our coaching, or the participants of HG’s Assertive Communication Seminar, or those that attend our unmatched HG Leadership Institute… people say pretty much the same thing. They say something like, “that’s the best ____________ I’ve ever attended.”Seriously, please ask any client we’ve ever served. That is likely to be their statement. You can fill in the blank with ‘Leadership Institute’ or ‘Communication Seminar’ or ‘Emotional Intelligence Workshop’… but the part about being ‘the best’ is consistent. The seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions are always ultra-personalized and go well beyond the extra mile to ensure that each participant feels like the whole session was just for them.

Participants of HG seminars and workshops truly run through various emotions because the dedication to teaching self-discovery and tactics to overcome personal hindrances is core deep. That is a big part of what sets me and HG apart, I believe. Below, I detail three (3) things that are important to me and that you will find in all HG offerings:

1) You will learn how to examine yourself better. As humans, we typically have awesome outsight but not-so-good insight. Nothing is more critical than possessing an ability to see yourself the way you truly are. I want you to be honest with yourself about how you interpret the world and have a keen awareness of how others may interpret you. HG seminars, workshops, and leadership coaching focuses on helping you to know and be your authentic self.

As a society, I believe we emphasize ‘behaving well’ but don’t focus enough on ‘feeling well emotionally.’ Forcing ourselves to behave in ways that don’t jive with our emotions is unhealthy and unnatural, and it creates an internal dialogue that is constantly at odds with our actions. Any time your inner thoughts cannot easily match your external behavior, you’ll feel tension and stress. That is why I always focus on helping participants of HG sessions to learn about their internal perspectives and to deal with their ‘stinking thinking’ in a way that aligns their mindset with their actions. Your mindset is what makes you happy or sad, content or discontent, a leader or a follower. It all starts in your mind. HG sessions help participants work toward a conscious awareness of their internal thoughts and new and improved ways of responding to situations and people that reduce anxiety and stress. 2) You will learn practical ways of overcoming your hindrances. As a professor, I come from a background steeped in academia, so I provide the peer-reviewed, scholarly best practices as I have been trained, but I also know that knowing better does not always mean doing better. We’re human! Suppose we don’t have easy-to-use tools in our toolbox that help us with our personal competence and self-management. In that case, we will naturally revert to old behaviors and remain trapped in the same old snares that keep us from evolving into the best version of our self. That is why I always provide practical, easy-to-do life hacks that help us trade our maladaptive thoughts and proclivities for adaptive thoughts and behaviors that serve us better and help us reach our goals.

People say, “life is hard.”Uhmmm… no, it isn’t. Well, at least it doesn’t have to be! Too frequently, we make easy things difficult. Too often, we focus on things that frustrate us instead of concentrating on the things in life that put us at ease. Here’s a hint… we will only be as happy as what we focus on. With the original and practical strategies we teach and coach at HG, we have assisted hundreds of executives and associates in hacking their minds for tremendous occupational success and life happiness.

3) Lastly, you will laugh. Oh yeah… you’re going to laugh your head off every session. It’s not uncommon for people to laugh themselves into tears. (I love it when that happens.)I believe laughter is so important in the process of self-discovery and self-learning. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we are too uptight. Uptight people don’t learn well (They don’t lead well either!).

So, our seminars and workshops aren’t just a bunch of note taking and vocabulary words… no, they are a good time! Laughing & learning are like peanut butter & chocolate… they go better together. (If you don’t like a Reece’s… it’s something wrong with YOU, not the candy.)

When we laugh (especially in groups), we become more relaxed. Think about it… only a psychopath laughs in a contemptuous, dangerous, or stress-filled situation? If you’re laughing, it is a clear signal that you are at least partially a tease. And that self-ease primes your heart and mind to receive new information and become sincere about using it to better yourself and your situations. That’s precisely why HG does not merely provide L&D (Learning & Development)… we seek to offer you LD&E (Learning, Development,& Entertainment). Trust me, it works!

In summation, I’ll remind you that our secret to success is genuine authenticity. Your company, employees, goals, and YOU matter to HG… deeply. We entwine your success to our success. When I meet you, I begin to visualize you for who you and your organization could be rather than who you currently are, and I partner with you to help you improve upon the trajectory that you desire. And that is the HG, LLC viewpoint! Until we meet again, remain blessed and encouraged, friends!