Fredeswinda Collazo, Founder and CEO, TruBLEND LearningFredeswinda Collazo, Founder and CEO
Corporate learning has always been the key focus for enterprises when it comes to creating a more efficient and engaged workforce. While the impact of COVID-19 and awareness of social inequities worldwide has fundamentally transformed the business dynamics,workforce training and development is top on the corporate agendas more than before. With the added impetus of changing social norms on account of the pandemic, remote and digital learning strategies are gaining immense traction. Companies are readily looking to adopt innovative and customized employee training solutions to stay relevant and competitive. Aligning with the current trends in the corporate learning ecosystem, New York-based TruBLEND Learning equips organizations with personalized courses that increase business acumen, colleague involvement, and confidence. As a corporate learning and development solutions provider, TruBLEND Learning offers a wide range of strategically designed courses, from in-person face-to-face or virtual delivery, self-paced courses, videos,and augmented and virtual reality (VR/AR)-based education tools, simulations and guides. TruBLEND Learning tailors comprehensive training programs geared toward clients’specific requirements and helps companies promote a culturally diverse, inclusive, and positive culture.

In conversation with the editorial team at Manage HR, Fredeswinda Collazo, the Founder and CEO of TruBLEND Learning, discusses at length how her company’s robust learning solutions make a difference in the corporate training and development space. Since the establishment of TruBLEND Learning, Fredeswinda has applied holistic, leading-edge approaches to learning initiatives, from ideation through product release.

Could you provide a brief overview of your company?

TruBLEND Learning builds custom training programs for organizations. We focus on creating opportunities for people to realize different ways of performing a task more efficiently and get information faster so that they can make decisions faster to impact their workplaces positively. We design and develop comprehensive learning experiences from scratch to help enterprises engage teams and clients, and rightly deliver the message they want to convey.

What are the challenges your clients face, and how does your company solve them?

The problems that our clients face are primarily related to developing leaders, addressing social inequities, increasing team collaboration,increasing sales, using technology and managing risks. In addition, employers often strive to attract and keep talent with the right attitude and skills. It’s important to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing market. Strategies to navigate these challenges usually vary from one organization to another based on the working principles, policies, and more. To cater to these needs, we deliver a range of courses on cultural change and leadership, onboarding, sales, compliance, technology, and professional development. We create one-of-a-kind solutions that support clients’ priorities along with a winning framework and leadership behaviors that businesses need to succeed today. We build training to enhance leadership and functional skills in those areas.

How do you develop and deliver solutions to your clients?

The approach we follow depends on the overall solution that we intend to design and develop. For instance, we can repurpose and expand existing resources and libraries,and speak with the clients’ experts and trusted advisors to develop a need-based solution as unique as the requirement itself. We design programs strategically and help our clients in the best possible way reach their goals.

What, according to you, differentiates your company from the rest of your competitors in the market?

Our capability to develop and handle training projects right from the ground-up, or help existing initiatives through completion, are strong differentiators. We help you strategize and build interactive curriculums for the entire employee and curriculum life cycles. Our team consists of experts and specialists, along with visionary leaders in the field of people development and distance learning. We are looking to improve the human aspect of training and development and leverage technology as a way to achieve it.

We design and develop comprehensive learning experiences from scratch to help enterprises engage teams and clients, and rightly deliver the message they want to convey

Another key differentiator for us is the vastexperience we have garnered working with large corporations. We can serve clients of any size from different regions of the world as per their unique, localized needs, and not just the U.S. market.

Could you cite a client success story?

One of our clients approached us to help them build awareness, not just about diversity and inclusion but also on the importance of having a sense of belonging among the teams. Through this, the client wanted their employees to truly embrace the organizationalculture and not encounter any discrimination in terms of physical, racial, and cultural differences. Along with building a zero-tolerance program around such commonly faced issues at the workplace, the client also neededvirtual instructor-led sessions and micro-learning videos to encourage informal interaction as well as tools and guides for leaders to reinforce their people skills. Our solution empowered them to have a strong sense of the organizational values and focus on areas that addressed micro-inequities,while creating a feeling of equality and belongingness.

What are your plans for the future?

Continuing to create innovative learning experiences for our clients is important. With two of our strategic alliances, we have developed the SMARTXR Framework— small modular augmented reality targets. Enterprises can decide where they want to display these targets, whether it be on their website or printed materials Designs range from the businesses’ logos, artwork, or products with interactivity that leads you to the company’s resources. If need be, we can create the artwork for a target, the AR/VR experiences, or app extension as per requested. Users can leverage the SMARTXR Framework to extend their message to their customers, using it as a hands-free, social distancing-appropriate business card to drive traffic to their website and increase sales and engagement.

One of our clients is using the SMARTXR Framework to connect nature to technology and attract visitors to their parks. We have designed the targets and its backend aspects. We are all geared up for the launch in 2021.