Erin Corrigan, Founder, Consultant, and Chief Strategist, Moxie Professional DevelopmentErin Corrigan, Founder, Consultant, and Chief Strategist
Leveraging the power of deep luxury market expertise, Moxie Professional Development redefines excellence with tailored consulting and training services. Backed by a dynamic team with hands-on experience and expertise in luxury retail, the firm delivers distinctive and unparalleled value to its clients.

Moxie acts as a catalyst for driving success in the luxury retail sector. By comprehending the intricacies of the luxury retail business landscape, it goes beyond learning and development and creates a tangible impact on its clients' businesses.

The firm is launching a full suite of luxury certification programs that optimize communication and social skills for improved professional and client relationships. The programs are designed to provide participants with specialized knowledge and abilities to effectively utilize behavioral assessment tools, such as DISC and Emotional Intelligence, within the luxury retail environment. The certifications are backed by industry-leading assessment provider, TTI Success Insights, and graduates are awarded a digital badge through Accredible to verify and share their accomplishments.

Apart from its distinguished certification programs, Moxie provides customized coaching services that significantly enhance the performance of both teams and individuals. Through a dedicated team of luxury expert coaches, the firm tailors each program to its clients’ unique needs and operational realities. In one instance, the company worked with a notable jewelry and watch brand to map the client touchpoints, define exemplary behaviors, and implement a highly personalized coaching culture with goal-setting and tracking systems. This approach enables Moxie to provide solutions that are practical and inspirational.

“We are a niche and agile company that prioritizes personal engagement and builds an emotional connection with our clients, as the industry we work in relies on such interactions,” says Corrigan.

In addition to offering consulting and training expertise, the comprehensive e-book "The Luxury Laws of Excellence" is a noteworthy contribution from Moxie that illustrates its extensive industry knowledge. Authored by its founder, Erin Corrigan, the paper explores the principles of excellence in luxury retail. While traditional rule books offer rigid instructions on how to succeed in the luxury industry, Corrigan’s version explores the universal principles that govern it. It empowers individuals to comprehend the dynamics of the luxury market, inspiring them to effectively use these principles and succeed within the field while fostering a positive mindset towards luxury brands and a deep understanding of the stewardship required to sustain them. The book has served as the foundation for Moxie’s luxury training programs, providing brands with strategies to develop luxury industry acumen among their employees—a skill that is lacking in most training programs yet is critical to success in the sector. Recent successful keynote presentations for luxury skincare and watch brands have prompted the team to develop a full-scale luxury service and selling certification program to add to its existing offer.

We are a niche and agile company that prioritizes personal engagement and builds an emotional connection with our clients, as the industry we work in relies on such interactions

Looking forward to 2024, Moxie is organizing a prestigious summer conference—L'ETE, which stands for "Luxury Excellence Talent Event" and means “summer” in French, arguably the language of luxury —in Miami to foster strong connections between luxury professionals and industry thought leaders, providing unparalleled networking opportunities and facilitating continuous learning within the industry. By hosting L'ETE, Moxie will solidify its role as an advocate for individuals who strive daily to deliver the luxury promise and as a champion of continuous learning and development in the ever-evolving luxury retail landscape.